893.51/7505: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

778. With the death of Dr. Fox, there is no American member of the Stabilization Board, Adler having served only as alternative for [Page 527]Fox and having now no legal status with the Board. It would seem to the Embassy to be desirable that the Secretary of the Treasury take steps as soon as possible to provide for an American member on the Board which while not very active at the present time nevertheless does have problems for solution in which American people should have its voice. Might I suggest that Adler, who is thoroughly familiar with the operations of the Board, be nominated to serve at least as the interim American member, retaining, however, his Treasury status. It is my understanding that Dr. Fox was the only member of the Board who received compensation from the Board. The British member being an officer of the British Government drew no compensation from the Board while no action was ever taken to provide compensation for the Chinese members. I suggest, therefore, that Adler continue to draw his salary from the Treasury Department making it unnecessary to ask for compensation for him from the Board.