893.51/7487: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

605. For Secretary of the Treasury from Fox.

“TF–40. 1. Arrived Chungking May 25.

2. First impression is that economic situation gravely deteriorated in the last 4 months. Shall report at length in near future.70

3. In brief conference this morning Doctor Kung informed he had certain problems involving Treasury he would take up with me at early opportunity.

4. Have learned Hsi Te-mou71 leaving for Washington at the end of this week. He informed me Doctor Kung is sending him to take up certain matters with T. V. Soong but according to other sources he is going to represent Central Bank.”

  1. For draft of Mr. Fox’s report, submitted by Mr. Adler after the death of Mr. Fox, see telegram No. 841, July 15, from Ambassador Gauss, p. 530.
  2. Representative of Chinese Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of China, designated for a mission to the United States.