893.24/1283: Telegram

President Roosevelt to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek 77

It is a source of great gratification to me and to the Government and people of the United States that the proposal which I made to the Congress that there be authorized for the purpose of rendering financial aid to China in the sum of $500,000,000 was passed unanimously by both the Senate and the House of Representatives and has now become law.78

The unusual speed and unanimity with which this measure was acted upon by the Congress and the enthusiastic support which it received throughout the United States testify to the wholehearted respect and admiration which the Government and people of this country have for China. They testify also to our earnest desire and determination to be concretely helpful to our partners in the great battle for freedom. The gallant resistance of the Chinese armies [Page 457] against the ruthless invaders of your country has called forth the highest praise from the American and all other freedom-loving peoples. The tenacity of the Chinese people, both armed and unarmed, in the face of tremendous odds in carrying on for almost five years a resolute defense against an enemy far superior in equipment is an inspiration to the fighting men and all the peoples of the other United Nations. The great sacrifices of the Chinese people in destroying the fruits of their toil so that they could not be used by the predatory armies of Japan exemplify in high degree the spirit of sacrifice which is necessary on the part of all to gain the victory toward which we are confidently striving. It is my hope and belief that use which will be made of the funds now authorized by the Congress of the United States will contribute substantially toward facilitating the efforts of the Chinese Government and people to meet the economic and financial burdens which have been thrust upon them by an armed invasion and toward solution of problems of production and procurement which are essential for the success of their armed resistance to what are now our common enemies.

I send you my personal greetings and best wishes. I extend to you across land and sea the hand of comradeship for the common good, the common goal, the common victory that shall be ours.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
  1. Notation on original: “OK—Code Room—Send at once—FDR”.
  2. Approved February 7; 56 Stat. 82.