President Roosevelt to the Vice President (Wallace)73

My Dear Mr. Vice President: Responsible officials both of this Government and of the Government of China, have brought to my attention the existence of urgent need for the immediate extension to China of economic and financial assistance, going beyond in amount and different in form from such aid as Congress has already authorized. I believe that such additional assistance would serve to strengthen China’s position as regards both her internal economy and her capacity in general to function with great military effectiveness in our common effort.

[Page 455]

I urge, therefore, the passage by Congress of appropriate legislation to this effect and attach hereto a suggested draft of a joint resolution74 which would accomplish this purpose.

Sincerely yours,

Franklin D. Roosevelt
  1. Copy received from the Secretary of the Treasury. A similar letter was addressed by President Roosevelt to the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Rayburn).
  2. Not printed; for text of Public Law 442, approved February 7, see 56 Stat. 82.