711.933/374: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

844. Department’s 770, August 27, 2 p.m.,37 your 1017, September 8, 9 a.m.

The British Government has informed us that it concurs in our general views upon the question of relinquishment of extraterritorial rights and that it is of opinion that it would be desirable to limit action at present to the conclusion of brief treaties of the type which we described.
The British Government suggested that it felt that it would be possible and desirable to arrange for some special status for Shanghai. In requesting an elaboration of the British views in this matter, we indicated that we felt that the wiping out of all rights of a special character would best serve the collective interests of all involved. The British Government has explained that it envisages possibly an [Page 296] arrangement for the participation of foreign advisers in the proceedings of the future municipal authorities and it has indicated that it desires to avoid any specific provision in the proposed treaties which would tie its hands with respect to Shanghai.
The British Government has asked whether you have been informed. It proposes to inform the British Ambassador at Chungking and has suggested that consultation between you and your British colleague would be useful. We are telling the British Government that you have been informed, are indicating your general position with regard to the subject, and are stating that you are also being informed of the British Government’s position. You are authorized to discuss this subject with your British colleague if he should mention it to you. The British Government is being so informed.
We appreciate and are giving continuing study to the comments contained in your telegram under reference.
We of course regard this whole subject as strictly confidential and have so stated to the British Government, which has emphatically concurred. In this connection please mark your telegrams to the Department on this subject as strictly confidential for the Secretary and the Under Secretary only.
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