711.12/1662: Telegram

The Chargé in Mexico (McGurk) to the Secretary of State

642. The press reacted enthusiastically at the signing of the agreements in Washington. President Avila Camacho stated “this is a great event in the friendship between Mexico and the United States of America and not only for them but also for all the countries of the Americas. It confirms the Good Neighbor policy”. Padilla in a longer statement said in effect that the conclusion of the agreements marks a new milestone in the history of Mexican-American relations; that it shows that Mexico knows how to perform its international [Page 398] duties while maintaining all of its rights of sovereignty; that Mexico and the United States are practising a policy of inter-American good neighborliness and of solidarity in the defense of democratic institutions; that the settlement of outstanding questions between the two countries will permit a better and more intimate solidarity between the two peoples and will promote intense and just friendship between them which is in accordance with their destinies.

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