412.11 Oil/13

The Mexican Ambassador (Castillo Nájera) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to remit to Your Excellency, herewith, a draft in the amount of $9,000,000.00 (nine million dollars), currency of the United States of America, signed by Licenciado Eduardo Suárez, Secretary of the Treasury and Public Credit, and by me, on the Banco de México, S. A. I make this remittance in execution of the second paragraph of article 16 of the Agreement contained in the notes exchanged on this date, on account of the indemnification of nationals of the United States of America whose properties, rights or interests were affected by acts of the Government of Mexico, after March 17, 1938.

The above-mentioned sum constitutes the deposit stipulated in said article 16, and is therefore subject, as to its application or possible return to the Government of México, to the terms of the said Agreement and, especially, to articles 15 and 16 thereof.

I shall be grateful to Your Excellency if you will be so good as to acknowledge the receipt of the draft which I send herewith and I avail (etc.)

F. Castillo Nájera