711.12/1683: Telegram

The President of Mexico (Avila Camacho) to President Roosevelt


On the occasion of the conclusion between Mexico and the United States of America of the various agreements signed in the city of Washington on the 19th instant, I wish to state to Your Excellency my sincere appreciation of the spirit of loyal cooperation which constantly directed the diplomatic negotiations which were indispensable to achieve, by common agreement, a settlement of problems which, although they never endangered the bonds of firm friendship which unite our nations, did nevertheless long occupy the attention of our chancelleries. I have an intimate conviction that the agreements signed will be of real benefit to the two countries and I am sure that they will mark a point of departure, within the work of continental solidarity which our Governments are pursuing, for a fuller understanding between Mexico and the United States. I am also convinced that the conclusions which we have reached will necessarily give a new opportunity to the American countries accurately to estimate the advantages of friendly action, of mutual understanding and respect, as established by the good neighbor doctrine which Your Excellency has defined in terms which are an exhortation to the world for nations to live together in peace and are a solid guarantee for the future of democracy in America.

I renew [etc.]

Manuel Avila Camacho