412.11 Oil/2

The Secretary of State to the Mexican Ambassador (Castillo Nájera)

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency’s note of today’s date reading as follows:

“I have the honor to refer to our recent conversations regarding the scope of the Claims Convention signed today as well as of the notes exchanged today with reference to compensating the nationals of the United States of America whose properties, rights or interests were affected to their detriment by acts of expropriation or otherwise by the Government of Mexico subsequent to March 17, 1938.

It is my understanding that any claims which may have arisen between August 30, 1927 and March 17, 1938 in connection with petroleum properties, rights or interests of nationals of the United States of America within the United Mexican States are not affected by the above-mentioned convention and notes.

It is also understood that such claims of said nationals against the Government of Mexico, or of that Government against said nationals or their rights, properties or interests, which arose between August 30, 1927 and March 17, 1938, will be the subject of a future agreement.”

[Page 397]

In reply, I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that my understanding of the matters discussed in the note quoted above is in accordance with your own.

Accept [etc.]

Cordell Hull