793.94/16690: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai ( Lockhart ) to the Secretary of State

Rear Admiral Risaburo Fujita, Japanese Naval officer at Shanghai, called, in uniform and accompanied by an aide, on the American Assistant Naval Attaché, Major Williams, and read to him, on behalf of Admiral Shimada, Japanese Commander-in-Chief of the China Seas fleet, the following statement:

“It has been reported that two bombs were dropped near the American Embassy by mistake during the aerial bombardment on Chungking on 15th June and, according to the newspapers, that accordingly Military Attaché’s office was damaged.

I am instructed by Admiral Shimada to state that it is highly regrettable that such an incident took place and ask you to convey to your Ambassador that the action was wholly unintentional.”

Admiral Fujita stated that he wished to emphasize Admiral Shimada’s regret that the incident took place and asked especially that the American Ambassador be informed that the action was wholly unintentional.

Major Williams made no comment except to say that he would report the matter to me and furnish a copy of the statement for transmission to Ambassador Gauss.

Sent to Chungking. Repeated to Department, Peiping and Tokyo.