793.94/16592: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan ( Grew )

259. Kunming’s 10, April 29, 6 p.m., also your 563, April 16, 8 p.m.29 in regard to previous bombing of Kunming. Department assumes that you have made or will soon make to the Japanese Foreign Office emphatic representations in regard to this latest instance in which, as a result of Japanese bombing, American lives were seriously endangered and damage was caused to the American Consulate at Kunming. You may also care to express to the appropriate Japanese authorities the view that only by chance have the continuing bombings of American properties at Kunming and elsewhere in China not recently resulted in death or injury to American citizens and that the American Government looks to the Japanese Government to take such steps as may be required to prevent further endangering of American lives and property.

Sent to Tokyo via Shanghai. Repeated to Chungking, Peiping. Chungking repeat to Kunming.

  1. Neither printed.