893.102S/2404a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan ( Grew )

55. The Department authorizes you, in your discretion, during your projected call upon the Foreign Minister, to make, not by way of representations but by way of informal comment, remarks along lines as follows:

This Government, especially because of its deep interest in the maintenance of peace and order in the International Settlement at Shanghai and in the maintenance of orderly processes in the administrative procedures of the Settlement, deplores, and it assumes the Japanese Government does likewise, the incident of January 23 during which a Japanese national, who has a responsible position as well as a relationship to the Municipal Council by reason of his representation of the Japanese ratepayers, shot and wounded the presiding officer of the Municipal Council. This Government has noted with gratification that Japanese officials present at the meeting aided in re-establishing order and it is assumed that Japanese efforts in that connection will include appropriate action against the Japanese national responsible for the shooting.