Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Adams)43

Mr. Matsudaira and Mr. Takagi44 called upon their own initiative.

Mr. Matsudaira handed to Mr. Adams the attached copy of a statement entitled “Oral”45 in regard to “the resumption of shipping between Japan and the United States.” Mr. Matsudaira said that the Japanese Ambassador had spoken to the Secretary of State in regard to the matter of sending one or more ships from Japan to the United States for special reciprocal repatriation purposes.

Mr. Langdon46 and Mr. Adams, after reading the oral statement, said that the purpose of the proposed visits was stated to be the resumption of shipping between Japan and the United States, whereas the conversations which had taken place in regard to the matter had dealt with the question of a specific voyage for a specific purpose. Mr. Matsudaira replied that the purpose was in substance the same, despite the wording of the statement.

Mr. Matsudaira said that today was the eighth in Japan and as the ship was scheduled to sail on the eleventh, he wondered whether a reply could be made today. Mr. Adams replied that he doubted whether a reply could be made today and that he could give no assurance as to when a reply would be made. Mr. Adams stated, however, that the matter would be placed promptly before the higher authorities for consideration.

Mr. Adams asked Mr. Matsudaira whether it was proposed that the three ships named in the oral statement, which are designated Government requisition ships, would be manned by Japanese naval crews. Mr. Matsudaira replied that these ships would be requisitioned by the Department of Communications of the Japanese Government and would be under its operation and would be manned by civilian crews. Mr. Matsudaira also said that no question of cargo was involved.

  1. Initialed by the Chief of the Division (Hamilton).
  2. First and Third Secretaries of the Japanese Embassy.
  3. Not printed.
  4. William R. Langdon, of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs.