The British Embassy to the Department of State 14

On the 15th of October the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand sent for Sir J. Crosby and delivered to him an urgent message from the Prime Minister, who took a very grave view of the situation in consequence of the threatening attitude of the Japanese press to Thailand and of the increase of Japanese forces in Indo-China. The Prime Minister saw an imminent danger of Japanese intervention, which would involve the bombardment of Bangkok and the removal of the Thai Government to another centre.

The Prime Minister reiterated the imperative need of Thailand for aircraft and other war material. He emphasized that she needed them now, that it would be too late if they were supplied only after the event and that, if Japan attacked and Thai resistance were speedily overcome, it would not be the fault of Thailand if the worst were to happen to allied interests there.

Sir J. Crosby was given to understand that a communication had been made to the United States Minister at Bangkok as regards the supplies which the Thai Government needed from the United States.

The Thai Prime Minister’s main purpose in approaching Sir J. Crosby was to enquire (a) what military action the British would take to protect their own interests in case of a Japanese invasion of Thailand; and (b) what means they would advise Thailand to take for her own protection in consort with the British. The Prime Minister [Page 326] begged earnestly for a reply within seven days. He added that his approach must be kept profoundly secret and that he would have to deny it if the news leaked out.

  1. Left by the British Minister (Campbell) with the Under Secretary of State (Welles), on October 27.