751G.94/388: Telegram

The Consul at Hanoi (Reed) to the Secretary of State

160. A special Japanese economic mission, headed by Yokoyama and including about 80 members but having no connection with the Yoshizawa mission, arrived at Haiphong today. This mission will investigate the economic possibilities of Indochina and prepare for Indochinese-Japanese “collaboration” in these possibilities. My informant stated that the Japanese have indicated that the mission will be interested primarily in rubber and minerals and that the establishment of cotton piece goods factories and the development of the salt industry will be of next importance. He added that a further group of approximately 80 will arrive to join the mission. He felt that this mission is but one more step in the Japanese intention to control Indochina’s economy.

Sent to Cavite for repetition to the Department, Chungking, Peiping, Hong Kong, Shanghai. Shanghai please repeat to Tokyo.