851G.6363/22: Telegram

The Consul at Hanoi (Reed) to the Secretary of State

156. Reference to Saigon’s telegram no. 108, October 6, 5 p.m., regarding oil storage space at Saigon.

The Secretary General has just informed me a telegram has been received from the French Government at Vichy to the effect that the Governor of Cochin-China should inform the Japanese that any question as to the installations of the Standard-Vacuum Oil Company and the Texas Company must be the subject of discussion between the American and Japanese Governments, that the French authorities in Indochina can make no concessions to the Japanese as regards these American properties, and that furthermore it is impossible to give the Japanese storage space in the Shell installation as that space is needed by the Government General for its own use.

Sent to Cavite, for repetition to the Department, Hong Kong, Shanghai; Shanghai please repeat to Tokyo.

Repeated to Saigon.