751G.94/336: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Grew) to the Secretary of State

612. With reference to the trade negotiations between Japan and Indochina, I learn that agreement has now been reached on all points and will be ready for signature in about a week. M. Robin is to be received by the Foreign Minister early next month before returning to France.

The distribution of rubber as finally agreed is given by a usually reliable source as follows, in thousands of tons: France 18, Germany and Japan jointly (under Wiesbaden agreement) 25, Japan separately 15, United States 10. Reservation of quota for the United States was only secured with great difficulty.

According to the same source, Admiral Decoux considers that the agreement gives away too much; he has not yet formally assented to it, and there is even a suggestion that he may resign on this issue.

This source confirms that Germany and Japan do not agree over their shares of the Wiesbaden quota.

The question will presumably be discussed by the establishing [forthcoming?] economic mission.

Repeated to Tokyo.