761.9411/112: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

1560. This afternoon Eden asked me to see him and told me in detail the Foreign Office information relating to the Russo-Japanese pact and possible Japanese action to the south. He also told me that Lord Halifax had given to you all the British information on this subject.72a His object in sending for me was to ask that I support the request he said Lord Halifax had made to you in regard to a statement by us. I think he thought that in this way he could emphasize the importance he places on our Government agreeing to their request.

I have very clearly in mind the conversation I had with the President, with you, and Dr. Hornbeck in relation to Singapore. Although Eden did not ask directly that I request strengthening of our naval forces at Manila, he pointed out the weakness of a Japanese movement south from Formosa and Hainan. He did say that he hoped our navy would not limit its consideration of Singapore to a purely tactical approach, but would also recognize all efforts [apparent omission] very real political importance.

  1. See memorandum by the Under Secretary of State, April 10, p. 126.