Colonel H. Iwakuro and Mr. Tadao Wikawa to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: We desire cordially to express to your Excellency our genuine esteem for your devoted efforts to achieve peaceful relations not only between your great nation and ours, but also among all nations.

Whatever the outcome of our present efforts may be, our hearty admiration for your peaceful noble motive will remain steadfast and unchanging.

We beg you and Hon. Mrs. Hull to accept for each of you a slight souvenir from our home land as a token of our deep esteem which no circumstances can alter.12

Respectfully yours,

  • H. Iwakuro
  • Tadao Wikawa
  1. On April 25 Mr. Ballantine communicated by telephone to Mr. Wikawa “a message along lines as follows: I have been asked by the Secretary of State to telephone you and to inform you that the Secretary of State sincerely appreciates the kind sentiments expressed in your personal letter to the Secretary and that your courtesy in forwarding two souvenirs of Japan, one for the Secretary and one for Mrs. Hull, is also appreciated.”