890E.05/3: Telegram

The Consul General at Beirut (Engert) to the Secretary of State

392. Decree No. 242 dated September 26th signed by General Catroux published today modifies temporarily many provisions of Decree No. 324, November 22, 1939, relative to the organization of the Mixed Courts in the Lebanon. Principal changes are to the effect that a majority of French judges is no longer necessary in any court and in some of them the judges may be either French or Lebanese. Prerogatives of the Inspector-General are now delegated to the Chief of the Lebanese State or to the Under Secretary of Justice.

A similar Decree modifying the composition of the Mixed Courts in Syria, No. 96 dated August 18, 1941, is now en route with my despatch No. 132, August 22.44 It modified Decree No. 316, December 2, 1940, and referred to Decree No. 290, October 19, 1939.

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As the files of this office do not show that either the two last mentioned Decrees or No. 324, November 22, 1939, were ever transmitted to the Department I am forwarding copies of all by the pouch.

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