867N.01/1762: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)24

2982. According to a Jewish Telegraphic Agency report from London, Prime Minister Churchill on July 30 is said to have reaffirmed in the House of Commons the British Government’s adherence to the policy of establishing a Jewish National Home in Palestine and to have said that this policy would be taken into consideration during discussions in Cairo on the formation of an Arab Federation.

The agency report alleged that discussions of a private nature were being held in Cairo between Arab leaders of Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Transjordan. Moshe Shertok, head of political department of Jewish Agency in Palestine, visited Cairo recently and may have met Arab representatives there, it was said.

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Recent public statements by Dr. Weizmann and Dr. Judah Magnes indicate they are not opposed in principle to an Arab federation including an autonomous Palestine.

The Department would appreciate any confirmation you may have or comments regarding the above.

  1. A similar telegram on the same date was sent to the Minister in Egypt as No. 353.