867N.55/239: Telegram

The Consul at Jerusalem (Steger) to the Secretary of State

117. A notice issued May 19th under the Palestine immigration ordinance states that Government has decided not to prescribe a quota of immigration certificates for the 3 months April 1, to June 30, 1941. The controlling reasons are the same as those given in my telegram No. 188 of December 30, noon,19 which reported that no immigration quota would be prescribed for the semester which ended March 31st last.

The notice states that the position will be reviewed in respect of the succeeding quarter June 1st to September 30th in the light of future circumstances.

Against the 75,000 certificates available under the White Paper policy of May 1939,20 19,601 authorities were granted during the period April 1, 1939, through March 31, 1941. Actual arrivals during that period were 32,868 of which 14,678 were legal immigrants and 18,190 illegals. Of the latter figure 16,100 have been deducted from quotas and 2,090 are to be deducted. The balance of account on April 1, 1941, is therefore 75,000 less 32,868 or 42,132.

Replacement immigration certificates in a strictly limited number will continue to be granted during the period April to June in special cases.

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