383.1115/53: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Egypt ( Kirk )

154. Your 455, May 10, 4 p.m. Your views are entirely approved. Countries, like Egypt, to which Americans might be evacuated from other countries would, of course, expect that provisions would be made by this Government for the support of such Americans to prevent them from becoming public charges. Neither the Department nor the Red Cross is in a position to maintain Americans abroad. With respect to repatriation, the Red Cross considers repatriation a matter of governmental concern while the Department, in the absence of authority and the necessary funds from Congress for repatriation, must take the position that each individual must provide his own transportation expenses, from his own resources or from those obtained from relatives, friends or employers in the United States whom the Department, if desired, will approach in their behalf for the necessary funds.

It may be added that even were the Department in a position to further the evacuation of Americans from one locality to another that would be inadvisable in the present uncertainties of the war situation and in view of the possible necessity resulting therefrom of moving them to another place again and again.

Please communicate your 455 and this reply to the Consuls at Beirut and Jerusalem and elsewhere, if necessary. In advising Consul at Jerusalem, refer to his 86, May 10, noon to Department.