881.822/198: Telegram

The Chargé at Tangier (Childs) to the Secretary of State

237. There has just been delivered a note dated July 2nd from the Spanish District Commissioner of Tangier reading in translation as follows:

“The Consul of the United States of America at Tangier.

My distinguished friend:

For your information I take pleasure in transmitting you herewith an order of His Excellency, the High Commissioner for Spain in Morocco, which proves [provides?] that on the fifth instant the lighthouse at Cape Spartel like all others in the Khalifian Zone will be confined to the direction and administration of the technical services of the Spanish Zone and consequently at 11 o’clock on the said day an engineer designated for the purpose will present himself to take charge of all the services of the lighthouse.

I avail myself of this occasion Mr. Consul to reiterate to you the assurances of my distinguished consideration. (Signed) Luis Carvajal.”

The following is a translation of the enclosure:

“When after the Spanish Moroccan war of 1859–60 the Spanish Moroccan Commercial Treaty of 20th November 186148 was concluded in consequence of the Treaty of Peace, Spain in article 43 of that treaty obtained from the Sultan the engagement to construct a lighthouse at Cape Spartel and to supervise its conservation. Subsequently the Sultan not having kept this engagement, various nations, amongst them Spain, substituted themselves for the Sultan in this action and constituted what is known actually as the International Commission for the Maintenance and Conservation of the Lighthouse of Cape Spartel but without ceasing at any moment to recognize the absolute Moroccan character of this lighthouse. Now with the incorporation of the zone of Tangier within the protectorate of Spain in Morocco and it being shown that Spain was the first power to interest itself in this lighthouse and the international regime which governed the city of Tangier having disappeared and all the lighthouses existing in its zone having fallen under the dependency of the Khalifian Government, there is no reason to preserve the lighthouse at Cape Spartel under a special regime which for all these reasons lacks sense and purpose. In view of all the foregoing I have the honor to inform you that as from July 5 the lighthouse at Cape Spartel will be confined like all other lighthouses of the Khalifian Zone of the protectorate to the exclusive direction and administration of the competent [Page 582] technical services of the Spanish Zone which shall likewise be entrusted with the maintenance of the lighthouse.”

Repeated to Madrid.

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