890G.00/564: Telegram

The Minister Resident in Iraq (Knabenshue) to the Secretary of State

75. British Ambassador informed me tonight that his Government has ordered the despatch of one battalion troops from India arrival commencing April 13th at Shaibah British Air Base near Basrah with about a division to follow by ship arriving about April 20th accompanied by cruisers and other naval units. In meantime he had informed his Government that Gailani in an announcement accepting to form new government stated his intention to fulfill Anglo-Iraq treaty.30 He therefore recommended advisability putting onus on Gailani by informing him that in view military situation in Near East, British Government has intention of transporting troops through Iraq. If Gailani accepts, landing can be effected peacefully, otherwise because of Iraq’s refusal to fulfill treaty, troops might have to be landed by force because Iraq troops are already disposed in portions to repel such landing. He has taken steps to postpone troop arrivals on 13th pending reply from London.

  1. Signed at Baghdad, June 30, 1930, League of Nations Treaty Series, vol. cxxxii, p. 363.