890G.00/547: Telegram

The Minister Resident in Iraq (Knabenshue) to the Secretary of State

66. Mardam,27 ex-Prime Minister Syria, is acting as intermediary on behalf Gailani to seek compromise agreement with British Ambassador for solution present crisis. He came to me today to enlist my sympathy and advice. He made some proposals substantially as reported in my 65, of today. Summing up I expressed the following: (1) a constitutional government should be established, (2) this should be accomplished in full accord with the British inasmuch as the best interests of Iraq were entirely dependent upon unequivocal cooperation with the British in present world crisis, (3) if to accomplish these two desiderata individuals would have to be sacrificed, such sacrifices should be made for good of state (he knew I meant Gailani himself).

During conversation I made it clear American people do not view with sympathy regimes which seize powers of government by force.

I suggested he talk with someone at British Embassy. He said he had appointment this evening with Oriental Secretary, a fact I already knew. He volunteered that he is dining with Gailani tonight.

  1. Jamil Mardam Bey.