390G.1115/12: Telegram

The Minister Resident in Iraq (Knabenshue) to the Secretary of State

64. Referring penultimate paragraph my 63.21 Plans evacuation; reported despatch 1400, October 9, 1939,22 visualized only mob violence but present situation involves possible mob violence in respect both British and Americans and military action in respect British. All [Page 495] means communication blocked by military and British subjects attempting go to Habbaniya turned back. As result Embassy protest Iraqi Government will permit British subjects go Habbaniya only under police escort. Embassy fears even this would be refused if mass evacuation British attempted.

British Embassy inquires whether in emergency British subjects near American Legation might take refuge here offering refuge at British Embassy for Americans residing near there, the number of which constitutes more than half American colony. I replied as per our regulations respecting asylum. Please instruct whether and what extent I may go further in matter asylum especially in view circumstances and fact present regime is not legally constituted government.

Egyptian Minister just informs me he is instructed by his Government not to have relations with the Gailani regime.

  1. Dated April 6, 6 p.m., p. 493.
  2. Not printed.