391.1163/125a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

5972. With the full approval of the Department, the American Presbyterian Mission recently has taken up with the Iranian Government [Page 382] the question of a return to the Mission of school properties in Iran taken over by that Government a few years ago. It is considered that such a return of the properties would avoid difficulties likely to arise in the event of the probable financial inability of the Iranian Government to continue payments for the properties; that it would be a desirable influence in the northern-occupied zone through the presence there of American teachers; and that it would be instrumental in bolstering the educational system of Iran during this difficult period.

Dr. Issa Sadiq, former Iranian Minister of Education, has extended on behalf of the Iranian Government a formal invitation to Dr. Paul Monroe, President of the World Federation of Educational Associations at Garrison-on-Hudson, New York, to form a commission of American educators to conduct an educational survey in Iran. Dr. Monroe has virtually completed the formation of his mission and plans to depart for Iran about March 1, 1942.

The Department has cooperated fully with the American Presbyterian Mission and with Dr. Monroe in the belief that the undertakings which they contemplate will strengthen cultural ties between Iran and the United States and will prove of benefit to Iran and its people.

Please seek an early opportunity to express to the Foreign Office the sympathetic interest of this Government in the two proposed educational undertakings in Iran and state that it would be greatly appreciated if appropriate British officials in Iran might be specifically instructed to lend their support thereto.

Please inform the Department by telegraph of the nature of the British response to your request.