The British Ambassador (Halifax) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Hull: You spoke to me yesterday about the question of the grant of visas for India for members of the American Lutheran Missionary Societies. I am glad to inform you that on my return to the Embassy I found a telegram from Mr. Eden58 asking me to let [Page 213] you know that, after further consideration and consultation with the Government of India, it has been decided to withdraw the general ban on the admission of members of the American Lutheran Missionary Societies into India. The Government of India will proceed forthwith to reconsider the applications of individual missionaries to whom visas have recently been refused, and hope very shortly to make known their decision in each case.

The Government of India for their part have requested that missionaries selected for work in India will bear in mind that war conditions make the situation there delicate, and will therefore be very careful to avoid any speech or action that might be used by unfriendly elements to embarrass the Government of India. I should be most grateful if you could give the Societies an indication of the Government of India’s feeling in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

  1. Anthony Eden, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.