Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of European Affairs (Atherton) to the Secretary of State

The Secretary: I asked Sir Ronald Campbell to call today and referred to the protest which had been made by this Department against the denial of entrance visas to Lutheran missionaries for India. I referred to Mr. Berle’s conversation on September 16 and continued to point out that this could not be considered but a reflection on a [Page 211] group of loyal Americans belonging to the Lutheran Church which for over 75 years had had no affiliation with the German State church of this name.

Sir Ronald informed me that the ruling had been made by the India Office and had nothing to do with the British Foreign Office; however, the India Office had the matter under advisement and had informed the British Foreign Office that they were no longer refusing visas for Lutheran missionaries to India, but that visas were being “held in suspense” pending final deliberations. Sir Ronald undertook immediately to send a further message to London and likewise trusted Ambassador Winant might be requested to take the matter up with the British Foreign Office. A telegram to London in this sense is being prepared.

Ray Atherton