700.00116 M. E./286

Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Controls ( Green ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Welles )

The Under Secretary: Mr. Erkki Mikkola, Secretary of the Finnish Legation, called at my office this morning by appointment. He said that his Government was very much concerned over the lifting of the moral embargo on certain exports to the U. S. S. R.16 and that he had been instructed to inquire whether the raising of the embargo would enable the U. S. S. R. to obtain arms and munitions in substantial quantities. He remarked that for Finland the raising of the moral embargo seemed likely to bring about a return of the events of December 1939.

I told Mr. Mikkola that I could not amplify the statements contained in the attached press release.17 I pointed out, however, the statements contained in the last two paragraphs of the release.

Mr. Mikkola said that the staff of the Legation had read the release with great care, endeavoring to read not only what was written but also to read between the lines, but the Legation had been unable to decide what this action on the part of this Government might portend.

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I told Mr. Mikkola that I did not believe that his Government need feel any concern in regard to this matter.18

Joseph C. Green
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