811.2222 (1940)/92

The Portuguese Minister (Bianchi) to the Secretary of State

No. 56

Sir: In the operation of the Selective Military Service and resulting from some misinterpretation of the respective measures and from certain confusion established with the Aliens Registration Act, it has come to pass that several Portuguese citizens, residents in the United States, have been drafted for service and called up for physical examinations etc.

Portuguese citizens are debarred from enlisting in the armed forces of a foreign country, and therefore, those who have received notices in connection with the above, are unable to comply with them. As a matter of fact most of them are subject to our own laws of compulsory military service.

In order to avoid any possible misunderstandings between the American military authorities and Portuguese consular officials, and to prevent such Portuguese citizens from suffering any unwarranted consequences, I have the honor to request that Your Excellency be good enough to suggest the best procedure to be followed in such cases.

May I add that an early reply would be appreciated as some of the notices are short and impending.

I avail myself [etc.]

J. A. Bianchi