800.6354/287: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

3655. International Tin Committee circulated confidential memorandum August 13 containing letter from Thai Legation outlining Government attitude toward the proposals for renewal of the tin scheme. These proposals are not acceptable because they would reduce Thai standard tonnage from 18,500 to 17,500 tons and it is explained that recent production is subnormal because of non-delivery of plant ordered in Europe. Thai Government will agree to renewal for 5 years on basis of standard tonnage 18,500 with minimum guarantee 11,100 for 3 years, followed by 2 years with standard tonnage 20,000 and minimum guarantee 12,000. If this not acceptable Thailand will be a party to the agreement for 3 years only on basis of present standard 18,500 tons and minimum guarantee 11,100 tons.