The British Embassy to the Department of State 24

His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom announce that in view of the uses to which these vessels are to be put they entirely approve the steps now being taken by the United States Government to prepare for sea the Italian and German ships in United States ports.

His Majesty’s Government gratefully recognize the assistance which they and their Allies will receive from the service that these vessels are to render, and they have accordingly waived the exercise of their belligerent rights so far as these vessels are concerned.

  1. A marginal note in longhand by the Assistant Secretary of State, Breckinridge Long, reads: “Handed me by Mr. Hoyer Millar of the Brit. Emb. with the oral statement his Govt, thought it necessary ‘for the record’ to make such a public announcement and unless we objected to publish it Friday (11th inst). I replied I did not see the necessity for it but if they wanted to do so I saw no reason to interpose objections.”