340.1115A/1843: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to The Chargé in Portugal (Hibbard)

154. Your 103, March 12, 9 a.m. Considering necessity for reciprocal extension official courtesies, Department agrees to preferential treatment for booking on Export steamers of foreign diplomatic and consular officers and important foreign government officials but no other categories of persons. Export Lines have been informed and are telegraphing representative at Lisbon accordingly. You [Page 401] will assume responsibility for naming such officials to the representative and Consulate with understanding that no American already booked for and promised a specified sailing will be displaced. You will bear in mind the situation of the Americans now at Lisbon awaiting repatriation and use the authority given in this telegram as sparingly as possible so that all Americans at Lisbon may be quickly returned to the United States. This authorization should be considered as cancelled as soon as bookings by aliens, in the absence of Americans, are again normally undertaken by the Lines. Consul should telegraph Department when that occurs, all repatriates having sailed. As the movement should be completed by the next three or four weekly sailings, the Department feels that important persons other than those for whom authority is hereby given may properly and reasonably be delayed.