The Polish Chargé (Kwapiszewski) to the Secretary of State

[No.] 49/Sow–Sz–tjn–1

Sir: Acting upon instructions of my Government, I have the honor to bring to your attention that on February 15, 1941, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland has resolved the following:

“The Government of the Republic of Poland has lately received information that the Soviet authorities which are occupying part of the territory of Poland are extorting from citizens of Poland under threat of reprisals a declaration at the time of their registration. This declaration pertains to the renouncement by those people of their Polish citizenship and the obligation that they will never strive towards the restoration of an independent Poland and that they will be loyal citizens of the U. S. S. R.

“The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland, in ascertaining this act of violence, protest against this renewed violation of elementary principles of law and international justice by the U. S. S. R., which, collaborating with the German Reich, invaded by armed forces the Polish lands.

[Page 232]

“The Polish Government already now solemnly declare that such statements, even in cases when the U. S. S. R. authorities will succeed in obtaining them from citizens of Poland, will be considered void and non-existent.”

Accept [etc.]

M. Kwapiszewski