860D.51/490: Telegram

The Minister in Finland ( Schoenfeld ) to the Secretary of State

85. I am in receipt of note dated yesterday from Minister for Foreign Affairs transmitting note under the same date from him to the Secretary of State to the effect that Minister of Finance Pekkala was assigned on behalf of Finnish Government to execute guarantee of payment of obligations entered into by Finnish-American Trading Corporation in favor of Export-Import Bank of Washington or Reconstruction Finance Corporation up to total of $35,000,000; also enclosing extract from Minutes of Cabinet Council of March 27th last regarding above guarantee and original of guarantee itself dated March 27 and executed by Minister of Finance. These documents which will be forwarded by the next pouch, appear to be in the same form as those used for similar purposes last year.45

  1. For the previous guarantee of $30,000,000 see telegram No. 142, March 12, 1940, from the Minister in Finland, Foreign Relations, 1940, vol. i, p. 313; and for the original guarantee of $10,000,000, see telegram No. 436, December 14, 1939, from the Minister in Finland, ibid., 1939, vol. i, p. 1029.