660D.6231/131: Telegram

The Minister in Finland (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

66. Press announces Finnish-German trade agreement on clearing basis signed March 7th in Helsinki covering trade 1941, total value Finnish exports Germany fixed at 3,700,000,000 Finnish marks. Imports from Germany same figure. Eighty percent Finnish exports to consist paper cellulose, wood goods, pit props. Mechanical pulp paper cellulose will be exported to value 50,500,000 reichsmarks, lumber 50,000,000 reichsmarks, other wood goods 50,000,000 reichsmarks. German exports Finland to include 1,200,000 tons coal, 120,000 tons coke, 50,000 tons nitrate fertilizers, 60,000 tons potash, 5,000 tons sugar, and iron and steel products exceeding exports these products 1940.

1941 trade under new agreement will account for one-half Finland’s total normal exports and is 25 percent more than all Finnish exports 1940.