761.62/878: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Steinhardt ) to the Secretary of State

599. My 51, January 11th. The Moscow press this morning publishes an official announcement stating that on March 25, the time limit for the repatriation of German citizens and persons of German nationality residing in the Baltic States, as well as of Lithuanian citizens and persons of Lithuanian, Russian and White Russian nationality residing in the former Memel and Suvalki Provinces, as set forth in the Soviet-German repatriation agreement of January 10, 1941, and that by that date they [the?] said repatriation had been completed. The announcement reports that in all, 21,343 persons have been repatriated from the former Memel and Suvalki Provinces42 under this agreement and that a total of 67,805 persons have been repatriated to Germany.

  1. The Ambassador made it clear in his despatch No. 4785, April 2, 1941, that the repatriates from these districts were sent to the Soviet Union.