611.6731/666a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (MacMurray)

19, Department’s 22, April 7, 1939, 2 p.m.32 You should at your earliest convenience obtain from the Turkish authorities the statistics [Page 969] necessary for giving effect to the exchange provisions of the trade agreement during 1939. For this purpose the following figures are desirable: (a) the total value of commercial imports from all countries into Turkey in the year 1939, (b) the amount to be deducted from this total as provided in paragraph 1 of the supplementary note to the trade agreement, (c) the total value of commercial imports of American origin in 1939, and (d) the exchange allotments actually made in 1939 for commercial imports of American origin taking place in 1939.: The Department would also like to be informed of the amount of unpaid arrears representing applications filed in 1939 for American products imported in the same year.