The Chargé in France (Murphy) to the Secretary of State

No. 6272

Sir: I have the honor to transmit copies and a translation of a note dated March 17, 1940, which has been received from the Sous-Direction d’Afrique-Levant of the Foreign Office in acknowledgment of protests filed by the Embassy, at the instance of the Department, on February 5 and 8, respectively, following the introduction into Syria and also in the French Colonies and Mandated Territories in Africa of measures of control and restriction considered to be in contravention of American treaty rights.

There are also enclosed, for the completion of the Department’s files, copies of the Embassy’s note to the Foreign Office of February 5,47 based upon the Department’s telegram No. 89 of February 3, and of the aide-mémoire left with the appropriate official in the Sous-Direction de l’Afrique-Levant on February 8,48 following along the lines of the Department’s airmail instruction No. 1929 of January 25, 1940.

Respectfully yours,

Robert D. Murphy

The French Ministry for Foreign Affairs to the American Embassy

Under dates of February 5 and 8 last, the Embassy of the United States of America was good enough to apprise the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the views of the Department of State with respect to certain measures which have recently been adopted in Togo, the Cameroons, Syria and the Lebanon, as well as in the French possessions of Equatorial Africa, at least so far as the territory of these latter is situated within the Congo Basin as established by Convention.

The Ministry has the honor to inform the Embassy that these measures, including those by which the High Commissioner of the Republic at Beirut has regulated the export of wool, are inspired with a view to diminishing the consequences of the profound upheaval which the economic structure of the countries in question is undergoing.

Nevertheless it is the intention of the Government of the Republic to maintain this regime only so long as may be justified by circumstances. It will disappear with the conditions which called it into being.

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