The Consul General at Beirut (Palmer) to the Secretary of State

No. 448

Sir: I have the honor to confirm my cablegram No. 2 of today’s date,41 as follows:

“Wool export licenses no longer granted except for France. Authorizations before January 8 valid but destination may be changed to French Empire at the option of shipper.”

It is of interest to note in this connection that during the last two years for which export statistics are available, of the total Syrian exports of wool, the United States accounted for 95 and 72 percent, respectively, while the whole French Empire took only 3 and 2 percent, respectively, during the same periods. A table of these exports follows:

Syrian Exports of Wool

Total 1,722,070 kg. (100%) 1,430,984 LS
U. S. A. 1,236,608 kg. ( 72%) 1,016,350 LS
French Empire 40,261 kg. ( 2%) 35,310 LS
Total 3,911,272 kg. (100%) 2,968,496 LS
U. S. A. 3,698,080 kg. ( 95%) 2,831,716 LS
French Empire 107,118 kg. ( 3%) 62,752 LS

Since January 1, 1940, this office has received invoices covering wool shipments to the United States totalling over $478,000.

It is evident that this measure affects the United States in a far greater degree than any other country, and is much more in the nature of discrimination than the imposition of the exchange and general trade restrictions favoring France, inasmuch as the Syrian currency is attached to the franc.

Respectfully yours,

Ely E. Palmer
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