702.4181/14: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Casablanca (Goold)

73. Your 107, August 31 and 111, September 4, noon. You should address the following communication to the appropriate French Protectorate authorities, a copy of which may be made available to the Belgian Consul General in his capacity as dean of the consular corps:

“I have been instructed by my Government to associate myself with the protest made by the dean of the consular corps at Casablanca concerning British consular officers in French Morocco, while observing that the status of American consular officers in Morocco is determined not only by the general principles of international law but also on the basis of extraterritorial rights.”

Please furnish Department and Tangier by mail with copies of your communication.68

  1. In despatch No. 351, September 21, the Consul General at Casablanca reported the delivery of his letter of September 9 to the French Resident General and stated that on September 16 he had received a reply acknowledging the letter with thanks (702.4181/15).