741.90G 11/28: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister Resident in Iraq (Knabenshue)

56. Your 110, November 30, midnight. Please seek immediately an interview with the Prime Minister, or, in your discretion, with the Foreign Minister, or with both, and set forth orally but vigorously the following considerations:

The United States Government has adopted as a firm and fundamental policy the rendering to Great Britain in the present struggle of all possible aid short of war. That aid is increasing daily and will continue to increase. State that in view of the determined policy of this Government, as set forth above, any decision or action of the [Page 717]Iraqi Government which might result in a less cooperative attitude in its relations with Great Britain could not fail to create a most painful impression in the United States. Add that in the event of a lessening in that cooperative attitude, public opinion here could not avoid drawing a most unfavorable comparison between Iraq and its nearby neighbor, Turkey, which has remained steadfast in its contractual obligations with Great Britain. According to our information, defeat of the British would endanger the independent existence of Iraq as well as all other States of the Near and Middle East.

In your discretion please discuss this matter with your Turkish colleague with a view to seeing whether he would not be willing to take parallel action, if necessary after seeking instructions from his Government.

Please inform your British colleague of your instructions and telegraph an account of your interview.

Repeat paraphrase of your telegram under reference … and this instruction to Tehran for Engert’s information and discreet use.