741.90G 11/29: Telegram

The Minister Resident in Iraq (Knabenshue) to the Secretary of State

111. The British Ambassador told me this evening during a long conversation that while in his conversation with the Regent and afterwards with the Prime Minister he had informed them that his Government was entirely dissatisfied with Iraq’s failure to have cooperated with the British in accordance with the terms and spirit of the Treaty of Alliance, in many respects which he enumerated, he had officially protested only in respect to one matter, namely a resumption of diplomatic relations with Germany which his Government had reason to believe was about to be proposed by Germany to Iraq. However, he had made it clear to the Regent and to the Prime Minister that his Government had lost confidence in the good faith of the latter to fulfill his assurances of friendship and cooperation with the British, and implied strongly that the resignation of the Prime Minister would therefore be expected.

The Prime Minister telegraphed the Iraqi Legation in London to seek confirmation of the Ambassador’s representations from Lord Halifax.10 The Ambassador said that he understood the reply was received today and that he expects to receive further instructions from London tomorrow. He believes it probable but not certain that the matter will be settled without any untoward incidents. (To be continued).

  1. British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.