891.248/84: Telegram

The Chargé in Iran (Engert) to the Secretary of State

178. The Foreign Minister sent for me this morning. In his office I found the Acting Minister of War45c who stated he had been instructed by His Majesty to request me to do my utmost to obtain from the United States about 50 heavy bombers and 30 pursuit planes. His Majesty had also reiterated his desire to engage the services of American aircraft experts and to erect an airplane factory as already reported in my 87, April 27, and 88, April 28.

As the Foreign Minister has been particularly helpful in bringing about a settlement of the school question46 I should like, if possible, to assure him that the Department is continuing its efforts to assist. Could perhaps a smaller number of planes than indicated above be definitely promised? See also last paragraph of my 103, May 6.

  1. Gen. Ahmed Nakhtchevan.
  2. See pp. 693 ff.