868.51 War Credits/777

The Secretary of State to the Greek Minister ( Diamantopoulos )

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to the Honorable the Minister of Greece and, at the request of the Treasury Department, has the honor to enclose a copy of the certificate of deposit issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on September 3, 1940, evidencing the deposit in that bank of the amount of $87,168.00, representing payment by the Greek Government to the Government of the United States of forty percent of the semi-annual interest amounting to $217,920.00, due on November 10, 1938, on the four percent loan of 1929 made to the Greek Government by the United States under the agreement of May 10, 1929.

The Treasury Department has requested that the attention of the Greek Government be directed to the position previously taken by the United States with respect to payments of this character made by the Greek Government and that the latter be informed that the present payment has been received without prejudice to the contractual rights of the United States which are set forth in part II of the debt agreement of May 10, 1929, and in accordance with the position of the United States Government as stated in the note addressed to the former Minister of Greece on February 8, 1936.6