Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. George V. Allen of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs
Participants: Mr. George S. Depasta, Counselor of the Greek Legation
Mr. Murray
Mr. Allen

Mr. Depasta said that his Legation had just received a long and urgent telegram from its Government listing numerous military supplies which it desired to purchase in the United States. Mr. Depasta said that a finished text of the telegram was not yet ready, but that he desired to leave a memorandum listing the principal types of material desired74 and would transmit to the Department a complete text of the telegram as soon as possible.

Mr. Depasta said that his Government had also requested its Legation in London to approach the British Government in an endeavor to obtain the assistance of that Government in persuading the United States to permit Greece to purchase the desired supplies here. He said that he had telephoned to the British Embassy in Washington and had learned that the Embassy had not yet received any information from London on this subject.

Mr. Depasta said that in view of the fact that his country was engaged in armed resistance to an unprovoked attack, he hoped very much that his request would receive the most sympathetic consideration by the American Government. He referred to the friendly attitude the United States has maintained towards Greece and the well-known desire of the United States to assist small nations which are attacked by powerful neighbors.

Mr. Murray asked Mr. Depasta to supply detailed information regarding the material desired. He said that meanwhile due note would be taken of his memorandum.

  1. Not found in Department files.