711.00111 Armament Control—Military Secrets/3574

Memorandum by the Greek Legation 63
On September 17, 1940, letter No. 1456, was sent to the Department of State asking for 50–75 Vultee Pursuit Planes.
On October 14th, we asked for 50 Single Seat Fighters, produced by the Canadian Car and Foundry Company, but built by the Columbia Aircraft at Port Washington, New York. (Letter No. 1596—President’s Liaison Committee).64
Also an application was made for the export of 60 Seversky Single Seaters, ordered by the Swedish Government, transmitted to the State Department by our letter No. 1594 of October 11th, 1940.
  1. Handed to the Under Secretary of State by the Greek Minister, October 16, 1940.
  2. Not found in Department files.