740.0011 European War 1939/6347: Telegram

The Minister in Bulgaria (Earle) to the Secretary of State

150. The Foreign Minister has just informed me there is no change in Bulgaria’s foreign policy of non-aggression against her neighbors. However, his voice lacked the positive snap of a few months ago in making this assertion.

He feels that even if according to rumor Germany is not in full accord with Italy in the attack on Greece there is certainly not enough friction in this action to cause a rift between the Axis powers.

In answer to my inquiry whether there was a possibility of the passage of German troops through Bulgaria to the Turkish frontier and what would be Bulgaria’s action in such a contingency, he replied these were questions he dared not even ask himself. However, he saw no indication at present of such German action.

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In answer to my inquiry regarding the proposed Jewish restrictions he said that often people were forced to do things they did not wholly approve but that he really thought “these measures and the way they would be enforced” would protect the Jews in that they would allay any violent anti-Semitism.